Most of our clients do come indeed from the northern (Flemish) part of Belgium. It happens however quite often that people from the Netherlands or from other non- Dutch speaking countries and areas join our groups. Dutch remains the main language during our tours, unless the majority of travellers speaks another language. Our tour leaders are always multi-lingual and do give explanations in English or in French.

Our tour leaders are very experienced people, most of the time even professionals, who know their job very well and will do their utmost to make your trip enjoyable. They know the country where they take you very well and have at least travelled across the biggest part of the itinerary .They can give you background information on the country and foreign cultures you are going to explore, but please remember, they are not necessarily anthropologists or historians.

For each trip, we organise one month before departure a meeting in our office . All fellow travellers registered for the trip are invited, your tour leader will also be present. During this meeting, you will receive all last-minute information about your flights, formalities to enter the country, medical precautions and of course what to pack. We advice you to be present, as usually many questions are asked about the trip, which can be of interest to everyone. If however you cannot be present, you will still receive all the info we prepared for the meeting.

If you are not fond of group tours, if you are not free to travel at the moment we organise a certain trip or if you would like to have the itinerary changed, we can always make you a proposal for a tailor-made trip. This can be done for you alone or for a small group of friends , with or without one of our tour leaders. In this case, we will discuss the itinerary with you, based upon your requirements about what you would like to see and how much time you would like to spend at your travel destination.

For most of our tours, you will find a price, partly in Euro and partly in US Dollar, or partly in Euro and partly in Pound Sterling. In most countries where we operate, we do have to pay our local correspondants in one of these currencies. We have chosen to publish a tariff, which we can guarantee, as the exchange rate of these currencies can fluctuate highly on short notice. You can of course pay us in the currency of your choice, based upon the actual exchange rate on the day of payment, or you can pay the amount of the trip with the mix of currencies, exactly as it has been published. In the first case, only let us know in which kind of currency you would like to pay.