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Group tours

Our group tours offer you the opportunity to discover thoroughly, natural attractions, foreign cultures or authentic tribals, keeping their traditions.

Choosing to travel with Discovery Expeditions means that what you are going to see and experience during your trip is your main concern. The itinerary, what you are going to see, has to be the most decisive factor .

We guarantee that you will enjoy this experience in the best possible circumstances. In big cities we do use very good, even excellent hotels, but in more remote areas , where very few travellers come, we offer basic accommodation. If no suitable accommodation is available, we prefer to camp .

Remember, you would like to have a genuine travel experience! We do take you to areas far off the beaten track, which automatically means that in absence of huge numbers of tourists, the local facilities are not that excellent anymore. This also applies to food. We sometimes even have to take it with us, as we do not find anything on the spot which is appealing. So, please don't expect a gourmet kitchen in this case.