we are planning the following discovery tours:




Discovery tours, what is it like?

Sometimes we travel abroad to prepare a new trip, discover a new destination. We only do this after having done a lot of preparatory work and research in our office. We always have a fully elaborated itinerary, which we will try out on the spot, so that we can check its authenticity and value for money .

If you like this approach, you can also join us on these tours. We can however not give you any guarantee that the tour will run as foreseen in the itinerary. We cannot even assure that we will be able to follow that itinerary. There is also no guarantee about the quality and standard of accommodation available during the tour.

We do however guarantee that you will visit a unique part of our world, where very few tourists come and where you will be able to have a genuine travel experience. We do have to draw your attention that these tours are full of visits, from early in the morning till late in the evening, and a lot of travelling in between. As a consequence, these tours are quite demanding !

If you don't mind this and you would like to be among the very first ones to discover an undiscovered place, then you are most welcome to join us!